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The Learning Workshop is keeping busy developing WELL funded resources including two current projects plus another two new projects for 2012/2013 described below. For more information contact Sue Muller at sue@thelearningworkshop.com.au.

Information about other resources developed by The Learning Workshop is available at  www.thelearningworkshop.com.au.

Current projects

First Aid lingo (Title to be confirmed)

The resource targets Indigenous learners undertaking First Aid competencies. The resource is an interactive DVD that introduces the language and communication requirements of the First Aid environment in a humorous way.

The resource incorporates:

  • Film that demonstrates and explains the First Aid context, language and communication environment in a culturally relevant way
  • Information and interactive practice activities requiring learners to interpret and apply information in a range of situations.

Natural Born Fighter ( Title to be confirmed)

This resource is an interactive film/multimedia resource to develop the literacy and numeracy skills of Indigenous people in regional and remote Australia wanting to establish a small business.

The resource includes strategies to meet the literacy, language and numeracy needs of these learners including:

  • A documentary that follows an Indigenous man (Brian) establish his boxing /fitness business
  • The development of a virtual community that uses 3D animation of Brian and his Indigenous mentor (Elva) discussing issues Indigenous people face when starting a small business
  • Interactive literacy, language and numeracy activities that support the building of the knowledge and skills Indigenous people need to establish a small business.

New projects

Indigenous Art Code

The Web resource will target the building of language, literacy and numeracy skills of Indigenous artists in relation to the Indigenous Art Code. Content will be developed in a culturally engaging format (film and multimedia) to assist artists understand and use the code, and dealer/agent agreements.

The resource will incorporate a range of strategies to develop the literacy skills to:

  • Understand the legal framework and context of the Indigenous Art Code
  • Understand the role of the Code
  • Understand and negotiate dealer/agent agreements
  • Manage complaints and breaches of the Code.

Indigenous Governance

The interactive WEB resource will support Indigenous directors undertaking BSB41910 Certificate IV in Business (Governance).

The resource will introduce learners to the broad range of responsibilities undertaken by directors of Indigenous Corporations and the language literacy and numeracy skills needed to:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of directors of Indigenous Corporations
  • Operate in a transparent and accountable manner
  • Comply with legal requirements
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  1. I love to read this post because this team is doing good job for Learning Program.

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