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Deciding When To Use Air Or Sea Freight To Ship Your Products

Deciding on the best shipping method to move products from one state/continent to another can be a little daunting for many people. While both shipping methods (air and sea) may be reliable, several factors have to come into play before picking either of the two. Some of the factors that come in mind when choosing a shipping method include cost, time, and reliability. While each shipping method has its benefits, you certainly have to put some of these factors into consideration especially if looking for a way to save money or time in the long run. Discussed below are some of the considerations to make when choosing between the two.

1. Shipping Costs

Many people believe that shipping by sea is much cheaper than by air but this isn’t necessarily the case. While shipping items by sea may be more affordable, it all depends on how fast you need the products delivered, and their size. Shipping companies charge according to the total chargeable weight of the product. That said, shipping heavier items by sea is considerably much cheaper as compared to shipping the same by air. Sizeable and smaller products are however much cheaper to ship by air.

2. Warehouse Fees

The shipment will probably have/need to be stored in a warehouse at the port before it can be cleared or collected. Storage costs may be calculated by the weight/size, as well as the number of days it stays in until collected. One notable thing about such fees is that warehouse fees at airports are considerably much lower as compared to those at seaports. Depending on the item you will be shipping, consider getting estimates of how much you could spend in warehouse fees to determine the most affordable one.

3. Speed

If you need your product delivered in record time, air freight is the way to go. Ships are also getting faster thanks to new technological advancements, canals, and new routes. Sea shipments may at times take at least a month to arrive while air shipments take as little as 2 days to be delivered to the desired destination. This is because sea freight companies may take up to a week before they can set off. Unless the product is urgent, you can always choose sea freight if moving a household. The extra time helps you prepare for the move much better.

4. Reliability

If looking for a reliable means to ship your products, you could then choose air freight. This is because airlines follow a strict schedule that enables them to deliver on time. The only factor that can make an airline delay (by a day at most) is bad weather or a regional problem. Ocean carriers, on the other hand, are known to work off schedules, with most companies docking a week or even two late. Such delays can have a huge impact on your business especially if you cannot afford a delay.

If looking for a fast and reliable way to have your products shipped in record time, then air freight is the best way to go. This however means you have to dig deeper into your pockets to get the shipment delivered. If you however are moving tons upon tons of products in shipment, you will be more comfortable with ocean freight.

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