It engineer or consultant standing with a laptop and monitor blade servers in data rack. Shot in datacenter.

Should You Outsource Your Businesses IT Management Or Not?

IT is one of the most dynamic industries of our modern times. The most advanced equipment has great chances to become obsolete in three or four years from now. Businesses have a hard time at keeping pace with this progress, hence the need for highly specialised IT experts. The biggest question is whether to outsource your businesses IT management (to someone like to hire in-house staff to fulfill these tasks that enable your business to operate smoothly and your other employees to be productive and efficient.

The right answer depends on the type of business you run. If you are the head of a very large organisation, it may make sense to have a dedicated IT management team. These people would probably have a high workload, since all other employees are going to seek for their help and support. Not all people are good with computers, so you can always expect even your best performers to need assistance in using your technology to the full.
This is why you may find it more convenient to hire your own IT specialists, despite the high costs implied by the increase of your workforce headcount. In addition, a very large network requires matching infrastructure. The more complex your IT systems, the bigger the chances for various things to go wrong. In such situations, outsourcing may become extremely costly, as your business partners would probably charge you for each and every intervention they would have to do to sort out your issues.
Finding an IT management services provider to agree to work on a monthly retainer basis may be extremely difficult. Such cases call for careful estimations and projections, in order to determine the best option for your business. There’s no one-fits-all approach to this type of dilemma. You can find the best answer only by doing the math and drawing the right conclusions.

On the other hand, if you run a very small business, you should seek to keep your headcount as low as possible, especially when it comes to people that aren’t directly involved in generating revenue for the company. In such situations, outsourcing your businesses IT management is a much better solution than maintaining an in-house team of specialists.

As your ultimate goal as business owner or manager is to maximise the profit of the company, while securing its healthy growth, the decision to outsource an array of services and activities should be taken with this purpose in mind. If your business scenarios show there’s an opportunity to lower your overhead costs without impacting your workflow in a negative manner, you should definitely choose to outsource your IT management operations.
If, on the contrary, your analysis shows that you don’t gain a great deal by externalising these activities, you may be better off hiring your own experts. Business decisions should always correlate with the marketing and profitability goals of the company. This is why providing a straight answer to this question proves to be an impossible task.

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