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The Benefits Of Having Physical Awards And Trophies In The Workplace

Appreciation at work is something that employees respond very well to particularly if it expresses recognition of their efforts. While a simple thank you for work done can go a long way, you might want to look at something a bit more permanent. There are a number of benefits that come from the awarding of physical trophies and awards to your employees that you need to know about.


It is a well-known fact that employees who are engaged with are more productive and will work more effectively and proactively (see this article). If your employees know that their efforts are likely to be praised or rewarded they will work harder. Employee recognition is a great way to ensure that you have a productive office that works effectively.

Job Satisfaction

The benefits of workplace trophies and awards are not limited to the business as employees also benefit from this. When an employee gains recognition through a trophy they understand that they are seen as valuable to the business. This will increase their job satisfaction because they know that they are more than just another face in the office or an employment number. The recognition of their work will also make the employee feel that they can make a difference in the company through the work that they do.

Employee Retention

Employees that do not feel valued by the company they work for are more likely to look for work elsewhere. While some managers might believe that this is a good thing, others understand that high staff turnover will have a negative impact on morale. It will also make it harder for your departments to function correctly as training of new employees will be constant.

Physical awards and trophies can actually help with your staff retention. These awards will make your employee feel valued and know that if they have a problem it is more likely to be listened to. This increases the happiness of your staff and will make it more likely for them to stay with your company.

Team Culture

Physical awards and trophies can help to cultivate a team culture in your workplace. This is generally done through peer-to-peer recommendations which are great for building team spirit. This will also encourage your staff to be more open with each other and interact in more positive ways. It will be hard for an employee to have a problem with someone if they know that they nominated them for an award.

You should also look at awards for teams as well as individuals. This will ensure that teams within your business also get the recognition that they deserve. Giving an award only to certain people in a team could cause problems that you want to avoid which is why team awards are recommended.

There are many benefits to having physical awards and trophies in your workplace. The way that people are nominated should also be considered because peer nominations can better working relationships.

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